Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So when I really, really, mess up my sleep schedule the only thing I've found that can kick me back is Ambien. And Ambien kicks hard and I fall down. Not an ideal situation but it works. Right now I'm sitting her fighting against it as long as I can. I used to take it more regularlly when I was younger and I used to paint and blog all while I was in that half awake/asleep stage it puts you in. Which is how this post started. I have a smattering of blogs all over the internet and none of them get much action. None of them feel like the right place, or only feel that way for a short time. Maybe it's just that my brain goes 55 different directions that no one blog would make sense containing them.

I don't even know what this blog if for exactly. I just wanted another one and I hadn't tried out blogger in a while... and typepad was frustrating me. I think I still prefer it but its too soon to call.

I wanted to stop being so consumery. But most everything on here is about things to buy. Is looking better than buying? Not really because I still want to buy it even if I cant. I think trying to stop buying things while in the midst of a probable move is crazy. There will be money spent. Trucks, uhaul, gas, food, boxes, tape, ect. And then once I'm settled I'll realize I'm missing things. No trashcan, no broom or vacuum, I don't think I have a can opener. Nothing major but they make excuses to spend money.

I hate money. And Ambien says to go to sleep now.

I just need to make it to Thursday and the waiting game will be over. I'll function better making solid plans rather than ones built on possibilities, or whatever is hanging around here.

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